Baking For The Gluten Free Vegan Diet!

When you are diagnosed with gluten intolerance, baking becomes a real problem. For people who have no such problem, all they need is all purpose flour, regular baking powder, sugar, eggs etc. But when gluten needs to be eliminated from your diet completely, simple baking poses a serious problem. What compounds the problem further is if you are a Vegan by choice. Veganism already crosses off a few of the Vegan det. And today the discussion is about just those.   

To keep the discussionsimple, we have splitit according to categories:



The first question is flour. As you know wheat is a no-no for both vegans as well as people with gluten allergy. As a result, all purpose flour just won’t do. Now, what are the other options? Well, there are quite a few actually. You can choose rice flours, bean flours, nut flours and other grain flours.

Rice flours can include white rice flour, brown rice flour and other rice flours also. And for those of you asking is jasmine rice gluten free – the answer is it indeed is! You just need to make sure you buy from a seller who guarantees that there is no chance of cross contamination and you are safe. Other gran flours include gluten free oat flour, amaranth flour, teff flour and sorghum flour among others.

As for nut flours – as long as you are not allergic to it, you can try peanut flour. Also you can go for hazelnut or almond flour. And finally, if you were considering bean flours, then you can try soy flour, chickpea flour. Another option that you many go for when going Vegan is coconut flour – it goes especially well in sweet baked treats.

Next up is…

Raising Agent

When it comes to choosing a raising agent to make your cakes, cookies and other baked goodies rise, you again have the same problem. While baking powder or soda per se does not contain any gluten, there is always the scare of cross contamination. And another important fact is that gluten free flours usually require a bit of extra help so far as raising agents go. Now, keeping that in mind, you should ideally go for a gluten free baking powder.

And finally we take a look at…

Here is one use of baking soda for heartburn :

Butter substitute

Butter or to be more precise, the wet ingredients in any baked product aren’t always guaranteed to be gluten free. Plus, things like butter and eggs are definitely not vegan. So, how does one replace these? There are actually a number of substitutes to choose from. Some examples are:

•    Vegan butter like nut butters.
•    You could also make your own vegan butter from vegan oils using an emulsifier.
•    Mashed up fruits and fruit puree can also work. The most favorite choices are pumpkin and banana. But there are others as well.
•    Some people also add applesauce; it keeps the end result moist and lends sweetness of its own as well.
•    And another option to keep things moist is to replace white or castor sugar with brown sugar or demerrara sugar. These tend to make the baked item retain more moisture.

So, these were the basic vegan baking substitutes. However, it should be mentioned here that the list is in no way exhaustive. There are many others in all the categories. You just need to look up the details and buy accordingly!