Audio Transcription: Some Common Questions People Ask About it

What is audio Transcription service?

Ans: Audio transcription is a special task currently offered as a professional level service for many clients. We convert or transform any types of audio files into quality and accurate text format. This output is also available for the effective editing needs too. Any type of information stored in the form of audio files can be successfully transformed into editable document for the clients in readable text.

Q: Can you provide Audio transcription services India too?

Ans: Our services are open to all countries online and filling online order form along with all necessary information is essential to initiate services. We have ample human resources to handle audio transcriptions for the Indian clients and our staff can offer quality output in return for the clients.

Q: What are the audio transcription rates from you?

Ans: Audio transcription rates are always dependent over the volume of the audio file and its complexity. Some of the low quality files demand excess efforts in converting the audio file into text. We always finalize the price based upon the supplied audio file and this will be informed very quickly after supplying the audio file. Audio file with less complexity in nature will always attract very nominal rates from us.

Q: Is there any special rate basing upon the geographic location to seek your services?

Ans: Our rates are always similar for clients belong to all parts of the world. The rate is always determined basing up on the file volume, accent, complexity and some more. We decide very common rates for all places and there is no such discrimination basing upon the geographic location for our services.

Q: How quickly output will be delivered?

Ans: Our services for the audio transcription and interview transcription will always be quicker as our staff got vast experience in this field. Our staff always quick at the task and the duration will vary based upon the volume and involved complexity.