Incredible Movies Shot in London

The British capital has been over the year an excellent place for shooting some of the most famous movies. There is no doubt that the city is glamorous and extremely beautiful and that was the main reason why lots of movie directors have chosen this location instead of others. We will show you in the following a few incredible films that have been shot in London.

Harry Potter
We want to start our list with the famous Harry Potter movie. Our focus is on one of the most popular locations, and that is the platform 9 3/4 in King’s Cross station. This is actually the site where the wonderful Hogwarts Express departs, and it is without a doubt a very special spot that has become a pilgrimage site for fans all over the world.

Love Actually
Love Actually is one of the most iconic movies shot in the British capital. Most of the scenes were shot in London, from the Thames to Downing Street. In plus, the attractive lines and lovable set of characters make this movie so unforgettable. You most probably have watched, but in case you haven’t then you must definitely go for it.

Notting Hill
Notting Hill is another classic London film. Hugh Grant is British, so he must have been really happy to shot the movie in his country. Notting Hill tells the story of a British bookshop owner who falls deeply in love with an American movie star, role performed by famous Julia Roberts. The film was set against the backdrop of Notting Hill, one of the prettiest neighborhoods in the British capital.

The entire Paddington movie was shot in London. The sweet bear from the film has won the heart of people all over the world, with every misstep he makes during his journey. Not only that this movie was shot in the beautiful city of London, but it is also a must-see one, especially if you have kids and you want to watch it with the entire family.

About a Boy
This heartwarming tale was also shot in London. Hugh Grant also plays the main role, and his performance is without a doubt an amazing one. The story is about a young man who becomes friends with a man who is actually stuck in boyhood. There are several locations in London where the movie has been shot, and that are Notting Hill, Kentish Town, Wandsworth, as well as Clerkenwell. Furthermore, there is also a scene at the zoo.

James Bond
You have certainly watched James Bond, and you have most probably noticed that it is shot in London. Most of the scenes include the central part of the city, such as River Thames, Big Ben, The Parliament, London Eye, and more. It is a real pleasure to watch this film not only because it was shot in this stunning and vibrant city but because it also has famous actors such as Daniel Craig, Roger Moore, and David Niven.

Since you now know what famous movies have been shot in London, by watching them again you will definitely have a close look at all the scenes. Therefore, enjoy them to the fullest, and also visit whenever it’s possible the beautiful British capital.

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